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Viola - Oxygen (bgRecords) Future House-Pop Dance

"Oxygen“ is a big thank-you to VIOLAs husband who is always there and supports her, no matter how hard it gets. It is a big thank-you to all people who helped her finding her way out of those dark phases of life, to everyone who made her stronger, who let her breathe again. Dance-Chart experienced DJ Roberto Bates Roberto took a deep breath and made a powerful Back2Health remix of “Oxygen”. Released on Oct 11th including Spotify.

Viola - Oxygen (Roberto Bates Back2Health Ext Mix 4B - 128 Future House Viola - Oxygen (Roberto Bates Back2Health-Mix 4B - 128 Future House Viola - Oxygen (Radio Edit 4B - 90 Pop Dance

Background: The label and the music publishing company bgRECORDS was founded by Bernd Giezek in 1991 and is today a brand of SpeedRepeat GmbH & Co. KG. The first two albums by singer and songwriter Mark Gillespie were the first two releases.

At the beginning of 2000 Bernd Giezek was elected member of the supervisory board of IN-motion AG in Frankfurt. He held this position for two years and developed licensing procedures for Xavier Naidoo and SNAP in Germany.

Bernd has worked on US film projects like "A Good Girl" with Jennifer Aniston or "National Lampoon's Van Wilder" with Ryan Reynolds. bgRECORDS developed the musical face of the Bundesliga for the German basketball league (BBL) and the TV station DSF and the corresponding television formats with the song "You know the names".

The same goal was also his collaboration with Shaquille O'Neal and DJ Tommek, whose joint SONG "Ja, Ja, Ja" became the musical signature for the NBA broadcasts on the DSF. Today, bgRECORDS is cooperating in the buildings of the RPJAM in Giessen e.c. with the successful Frankfurt producer duo Noizmakers.

Also, bgRECORDS works with Viola Tamm and Bates Motel. But some works, such as the original "Minnesota Lakes", which was premiered by the Rheingau Film Symphonic Orchestra and won the first prize for film music by the German Pop Foundation, are part of the catalogue of the company from middle Hessia.

Artist: VIOLA & Roberto Bates Song Title: Oxygen (Back2Health-Remix) EAN: 4250991100203 Viola Tamm, Bernd Giezek, Michael Mirell, Andrew Lennix Viola Tamm, Bernd Giezek Michael Mirell, Andrew Lennix, bernd giezek RECORDS Catalogue No.: 201922915002 Release Date: 11.10.2019 Distribution: Kontor Records (digital) Territory: Worldwide ℗: 2019 bgRECORDS (a division of SpeedRepeat GmbH & Co. KG) ©: 2019 bgRECORDS (a division of SpeedRepeat GmbH & Co. KG)

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