October 15, 2019

“History Say” is Clinton Fearon’s 12th album and his most innovative one so far. After 50 years of professional career, including a glorious journey with The Gladiators and more than three decades under his own name, Clinton Fearon has nothing to prove anymore. And he is taking this opportunity to jump into new musical adventures.


The process was longer than usual for the Jamaican producer, an extra time needed to give this album and each of these eleven brand new songs a special place in Clinton Fearon’s discography. The world changed a lot around him during the five decades spent in the music industry.


The teenage singer who joined The Gladiators in 1969 learnt a lot, about music, business, politics and overall, about himself and humanity. The lessons forged Clinton’s history, and he is hoping that mankind eventually learnt from its own history too.


“Why Worry” is the second video-single for the album and reminds the listener to take their time to relax and live their life with passion.






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