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Jay Blitz Ft Audrey McDonald Meant To Be

Song Title: Meant To Be Artist Name: Jay Blitz Ft Audrey McDonald Released Date: 9-6-19 Genre: Hip Hop/Pop/Top 40

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Artist Bio: Jay Blitz is a Producer/Artist who has been making music since 2006. With a few album releases under his belt that have been released on all platforms, Jay Blitz continues to evolve not only as an Artist but also as a Song Writer and Producer. Description: The name of the song is Meant To Be featuring Audrey McDonald and it is a Hip Hop/Pop/Top40 song about 2 friends who can't find love and decide to take their friendship to the next level when they realize the love they have for each other. If I had to compare the song to something I would say it sounds like a G easy, Pitbull, or NF type of song with a distinctive voice and a big Freestyle/Pop hook/chorus that makes it unique.

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