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Lions'den Promotion introduces the song by Pris-k

Artist name: Pris-k Song title: Confused Label: L&S Records Release Date:28/06/2019 Genre: Rnb/urban pop


Pris-k latest track call Confused, talking about how women get played sometimes by men

Influences for the track: Aalyha

Artist bio: Pris-k (born Afi Prisca Agbo in Accra, Ghana) is a 28 years old french singer raised in Strasbourg, France. Coming from a griots familly (West African storytellers, poets of orals tradition), she lauched into music taking the name of Pris-k

Growing up she listened a diverse mix of music from Aretha Franklin, Aalyah, Janel Monae, to Yemi Alade which she try to project in her music. She's also a big pop fan, and definite herself as a urban pop/rnb artist.

In 2018, she released her first singles and currently working to put to world a EP by the end of 2019.

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