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New release: Bony Macaroni - Takkejonk (single)

Bony Macaroni goes Dutch

How about that, Bony Macaroni sings in Dutch! Floods of tears in this totally emo-song: "Six years down the drain, I want to cry in my pillow until I am tired" and that in increasingly violent volume gradations.

Not surprisingly new single Takkejonk is a big success at the 18 (!) Bony Macaroni concerts on their tour of Dutch showcase festival 'Popronde' this fall, but also at their live performances abroad. Even if nobody understands the lyrics, the message gets across nevertheless.

Bony Macaroni are making self-loathing cool again. At least, they hope so. Because, after previous failed attempts at life in general, these dudes want to give a f*ck again.

The first five singles immediately landed on a multitude of Spotify Playlists with several tens of thousands of followers like New Punk Tracks, Punk Unleashed and Rocking Indie by PopFiltr a.o., received airplay in The Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Australia, and brought the band critically acclaimed international press.

For fans of: Modern Baseball, Foxing, Free Throw, The Wonder Years

Takkejonk is released on BERT music (a division of TCBYML) writer: Stefan Bonestroo / ISRC: NL-C8O-19-00165

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