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Kudisan Kai - Set It Off (Electro Funk-Classic Club Groove Mash-Up-Circuit House)

Kudisan Kai has created her own lane in dubrock/house music, turning it on its head with her new single entitled, Set It Off, produced by United Kingdom producer Headrocka. Contributing to her demonstration of “bad-assery” are additional remixes by DJ Rob Moore. Her music, so befitting of our current times, possesses a freedom of expression and self-empowerment, promoting inclusivity and oneness of humanity.

She is the voice of strength and gender equality. This alternative rock music with hip/hop tendencies and a groove that keeps you on the dance floor, ushers in a new era of house music, with a soulful voice that exudes irreverence, confidence, audacity, and still, she keeps it sexy. What better way to introduce the world to the new 007 character in the upcoming release of the iconic James Bond movie.

This time, she is a black woman. It would make a great theme song for her! Set It Off is an evolution, continuing from where Beyoncé’s, Run The World, leaves off.

Step into the new millennium with this new music by Kudisan Kai as she states, “when we come together through a storm, I’m sunny weather, come on! I don’t discriminate, don’t care if you’re straight or gay. I can make it clap, I can make it rain. I’m the fuel to your flame, make you say my name, I Set It Off”.

Kudisan Kai links

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