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Lloren Release: Single released 29th November

Artist: Lloren Title: Warriors Release: Single released 29th November F.F.O: Billie Eilish; Sia

Watch the unlisted video here:

As a long-time advocate for women empowerment and LGBTQ+ rights, it should come as no surprise that Lloren’s forthcoming single has a video which goes straight for the jugular. Having suffered verbal and physical abuse herself by men within the music industry, Warriors is a no holds barred message to those who are using positions of power to discriminate against women that enough is enough. Released on 29th November, Warriors is a taster of what fans can expect at her solo dates early in 2020, as well as her planned arena slots later in the year.

Listen to Warriors here (for review purposes only):

Whether it’s verbal or physical abuse, or even just not taking their viewpoints seriously, Lloren’s passion for changing how women are treated in both the music industry and the wider world is clear to both see and hear in her new single, Warriors. Of mixed Caribbean and Irish heritage and as a married woman identifying as LGBTQ+, Lloren has fought tirelessly to challenge ignorance at all levels of society:

“I remember when I first started my journey into the music industry: I was young and naive, we have been told things have changed but what they really mean is people know what’s acceptable publicly now but that doesn’t mean stuff doesn’t go on behind closed doors.

Although this generation is moving things forward for equality, there are still areas of the Industry that reek of patriarchal rule”.







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