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When Open Season take a train to Skaville, they celebrate their roots in Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae. “Hey You” is the first sigle of the new studio album, which will be released on 20.02.2020, exactly 20 years after the band was formed. There’s hardly any other Swiss

band that has toured so far together. The new album is in some ways a homecoming from trips to Boombay (their last, India-inspired album) and the stadium of the football team of their hometown (which won the Swiss championship, with Open Season providing the official song). The album focuses on warm, earthy dance rhythms, live horns and an unpolished voice. It’s an invitation to tropical nights in cold Europe, to cherish euphoria and togetherness. Up until the album comes out, Open Season are playing shows in the band rooms of their friends, partying in hidden basement venues. They will re-emerge in the new year for a release tour to carry Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae to the future.

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