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Cygnotic - Cygns (album) Cygnotic Music (Synthwave)

SYNTHWAVE - Timeless Epic Electronica - Progressed Synthtrance from Munich/Germany - CYGNOTIC stands for atmospheric synthesizer compositions and epic melodies in between traditional electronic arrangements und progressed electronic listening. CYGNOTIC captures and extends the timeless epic moods of the golden analog synth-era in an evocative and modern mixed up style to an uplifted sublime creation for the next platinum electronic millennium.

The influences of diverse electronic styles like Origin Synthesizer Music, Progressive Trance, EDM, Future Pop as well as Electronic Wave, New Retro Wave and Soundtrack are combined in a synthesized self-contained melange of legendary sounds and at the same time contemporary beats and sequencerlines. Cygnotic - Cygns - 9B - 106 Synthwave Cygnotic - Cylight - 8B - 100 Synthwave Cygnotic - Dark Lights of Laniakea - 6A - 128 Synthwave Cygnotic - Dreaming in Reverse - 7A - 156 Synthwave Cygnotic - Electronic Devotion - 6A - 84 Synthwave Cygnotic - Great Plains of Aetherium - 3A - 115 Synthwave Cygnotic - Iridium Dawn - 7A - 90 Synthwave Cygnotic - Replicant Logic - 8A - 138 Synthwave Cygnotic - Second Cygn - 6A - 120 Synthwave Shop-Link: Social network link: Official videoclip for IRIDIUM DAWN from the album CYGNS by electronic artist CYGNOTIC

Youtube Video link: Full album on DJ Shop (C) Cygnotic Music 2019

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