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FAKIR FAKIR: [fakiʁfakiʁ] 
From the Arabic فقيرفقير person who performs in public difficult physical exercises and extraordinary tricks, allegedly attributed to a supernatural power ...

It was in January 2018 that Florian Valloo (saxophone, clarinet) and Robin Veyssière (drums, sampler) decided to create a brand new project mixing influences of the Arab world, worldbeats and music in Eastern Europe.

The musicians from La Fanfare Couche-Tard, with 10 years of experience touring across Europe, India and Africa, felt the desire to reconnect with an aesthetic further away from the street and combining their many influences. At the end of 2018, several drafts were launched and musical research began with two longtime friends, Nathanaël Bianconi (synth, accordion) and Stéphane Monbel (bass).

Two first titles were recorded in Spring 2019 and lay the foundations of a rich and eclectic universe. Only a few months later they felt the need to incorporate a harmonic instrument. That's when Benjamin Cahen (electric guitar) joined the group in the summer of 2019.

FAKIR FAKIR officially takes life during a residency in October 2019 in the mythical venue "Chez Narcisse".

Inspired by artists such as Omar Souleyman, Islam Chipsy or 47 Soul, the first song “Cheap Moving”,produced by Martin Murer (Isacha, Portland …), will be followed in late 2019 by another single featuring the international artist Soom T.

The band is currently preparing its first live show that will reveal other facets of FAKIR FAKIR, an amazing and surprising original band.

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