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Echo Beach pays tribute to the 40th anniversary of M’s – Pop Muzik – offering 5 new versions / remixes of this classic 1979 tune.

1. Pop Muzik - (Dubmatix Disco Dub Remix)

Dubmatix aka Jesse King is a Toronto / Canada based producer and well-known for his two times Juno Award winning with Prince Blanco and Sly & Robbie. His remix is quite close to a disco stumper but even in dub.

2. Pop Muzik - (Dubblestandart Dub Realistic Remix & Realistic Remix) Dubblestandart are an “art and realistic dub” band from Vienna. They worked with for example with Ari Up (The Slits), William S. Burroughs, David Lynch, Ken Boothe, Marcia Griffiths, and well-known for their special versions and arrangements.

3. Pop Muzik - (Full Fletch Anniversary Remix)

Full Fletch is based in Hamburg and is part of the bass production team scene in Hamburg downtown. He showcased his remarkable abilities on an international level and created a unique vision in sound, easily fusing comfortable home listening pleasures and uplifting dancefloor vibrations.

4. Pop Muzik - (New Bladerunners Of Dub Remix) New Bladerunners Of Dub aka Paul Zasky & Jed Smith are from Vienna / Los Angeles. Built on the legacy of Zasky’s internationally known dub reggae band Dubblestandart (Lee Perry, Ken Boothe, Ari Up) from Vienna, The New Blade Runners Of Dub blend Jed Smith’s, LA native, composer/producer (worked with Junkie XL, Wim Wenders, Macy Gray, Amp Fiddler a.o.) new school visions of sound & Zasky's European shaped dub reggae background in an unique new way. Call it Europe & America in a unity reconfiguring rhythm driven music for new generations!

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