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New release: Papyllon - All The Time (single)

All The Time for Papyllon! Emerging European indie pop band Papyllon are five guys playing ambitious music and lyrically exploring the human psyche and its basic needs in modern society.

Fusing groove and pop with industrial bangers, they make sure feel energized, fresh and cool. Critics named their debut album world-class and their shows as impassioned, grandiose experiences. All The Time is about being lost, being numb, being alone with your own thoughts and your bad decisions and learning to be OK with that in the long run. Not rushing and not chasing the instant answer but instead staying in the present moment, listening to your inner guidance and trying to captivate this moment´s potential with your awake senses. In short, it is a danceable meditation. Fairy-tale-like verses with soft vocals accompanied by a danceable chorus with a guitar in the style of Niles Rogers and the synth-heavy instrumental hook will throw you in a sea of emotions, in which you'll want to swim again, and again and again… Previous single What About Tonight got airplay in The US, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Israël and home country Slovakia, was featured in the Spotify Dutch New Music Friday Playlist, was picked up by Popmuzik (Sweden) and Graffiti Vibe (UK) a.o., and both the number of Spotify streams ánd video count on YouTube passed 10.000 plays

Last Day Deaf (UK) "Nice and catchy indie electro track with anthemic chorus" Come Here Floyd (USA) "Congrats on the single to the outfit. Nice pop and circumstances in the notes. For love and lovers." All The Time is out now!

Writer: Jakub Pastorák, Lukáš Lacko, Richard Rác, Bohuš Hajduch ISRC: NL-C8O-19-00164

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