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Lions'den Promotion introduces the song by Send A Raven (SAR)


Band Name: Send A Raven (SAR) Song Titles: 1. Left to Give 2.Simple Life Release Date (album): August 20th, 2019 Genre: Alternative Metal/ Hard Rock

These two songs are part of a full album. However, we feel that these are the songs that really wrap us up as a band and work well as our singles per say. They have been a core part to our band and to everything we hope to stand for musically, showcasing our harder metal capabilities with heavy drops and strong vocals while also displaying our more softer and technical aspects. Influences for the track:

There were a lot of influences for these two songs. Left to give was written by lead singer Nick Sydow and really delves into the pain of dealing with toxic relationships. Simple life was a combination work with the idea coming from our bassist Alfredo Carino-Rosario, and the lyrics and piece composed by Nick Sydow. The song is influenced simply by modern day life and how we felt life was on a basic level.

Artist Biography: Send A Raven came together almost by chance. Nick Sydow (lead singer) and Kyle Fuller (drummer) had played together in a project called Sydobi and released two albums under that name. While at a cookout at Alfredo's (bassist), they also met up with Peter Hurst (Guitarist and Scream vocalist) and showed them a demo they were creating which is now on this list known as "Left to Give". Both Alfredo and Peter really enjoyed the sound so we decided to get together with them and have them play tracks for the song which soon turned into us starting Send A Raven as a band

and then lead to the "Once Upon a Nightmare" album. Social Media Links: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Soundcloud:

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