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“No Voy A Cambiar” is the latest single from United Flavour, the second one from their upcoming album “Here to Stay”, which is scheduled for release after the New Year. This song features a collaboration between the renowned Spanish artist Morodo and Sista Carmen. Together they create a powerful and thought provoking Spanish vocal style with a timeless message, while the international Flavour band out of Prague, Czech Republic, lays down the groove.

Sista Carmen met Morodo for the first time in 2014 in Córdoba (Spain), at a concert in which both were performing. She expressed to him her interest in working together and the opportunity came with this single, which brings conscious lyrics and a clear message; “No Voy A Cambiar” means “I’m not going to change”, I am going to stay true to myself regardless of the struggles I am facing, and I’m going to stand strong against evil.

The song is the second single from their new upcoming album, the first being 'Candela' featuring Medial Banana out of Slovakia. “No Voy A Cambiar” was recorded at Flavour Studio in Prague (Czech Republic) and at Okoumé Studio in Madrid (Spain), where Morodo recorded his vocals. Both artists got together in Madrid to shoot part of the video, which was finished with Sista Carmen and the rest of the band in Prague, where they shot some scenes at the well known Lucerna Music Bar, which they converted into a pole dance club for the filming.

“No Voy A Cambiar” (Batelier Records) is available in all digital platforms and you can see the video on the United Flavour youtube channel.

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