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Mani Gruber - Screaming Heart (Ft Matthias Kostya) Dont Tell Mama (Club House)

Winner of 6 international Festival Awards for Best Song / Best Music Video. Screaming Heart is a song from the feature film "Holy Spirit". The remix from Jesus brings the song to the dancefloor and radio with its skillful 126 bpm interpretation. The Original version is unique too, running at a brisk 152 bpm in a full powered pop production. Enjoy..

"Screaming Heart“ (Jesus Remix) is a "unholy" song from the movie "Holy Spirit“. A blasphemous comedy, multi awarded, Bavarian and sexy just like the track :) Storyline - A mysterious young man from the country is hired by an advertising agency to advertise a Bavarian whisky brand as a "Jesus" actor. He rises to the status of celebrated media star_but at the height of his success he gets involved in a bizarre series of murders. Released 19 December. Jesus Remix International Festival Trailer


SOUNDTRACK INFO: Track: Screaming Heart Music: Mani Gruber Lyrics: Mike Baran, Karin Lüders Vocals: Matthias Kostya Director and editor: Mike Baran Label: Don´t Tell Mama Freibank music publishing Label: Don´t Tell Mama - Contact: Die Rezeption, Patrick Weber

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