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Irina Mossi is a versatile singer, living in Switzerland with roots in Congo. From a tender age, she got in touch with all kinds of music genres, such as Gospel, Soul, Jazz and Reggae. Starting to sing Gospel in a choir and at church, she expanded her musical knowledge by joining a Jazz Youth choir and then created her own music groups little by little.

As the lead singer of her two main soulful-groovy projects „Irina Mossi & Band“ and „Irina & Jones“, she kept the passion for reggae music living. Touring as a backing vocalist with international artists such as The Wailing Souls, Cali P, Stonebwoy, Randy Valentine and more, Irina Mossi also visited the home of Reggae music, Jamaica, several times, to learn about the roots of this genre. Working with different producers, she recorded the song „Love Detective“, that made it into the Swiss Reggae Charts on the Swiss national radio in 2018.

Having collaborated with producer Cyrill Hess and his band Donald Dub in the past, they decided to join forces to release the new roots reggae tune “Mother”. Donald Dub is a collective of reggae musicians from Switzerland, who came together to produce a series of studio records as well as live concerts with various artists. The Song “Mother” is Donald Dub’s first release of this series. The song was recorded in the Foodcorner Studio and mixed in the legendary OneDrop Studio by Matthias “Mr. Mento” Tobler.

The song “Mother” is Irina’s ode to her Mother, letting her know how much she is loved and appreciated. At the same time, the song represents for all the mothers in the world, recognizing the full worth of motherhood.

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