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Gizz Butler Celebrates 40 Years at the Cutting Edge of Metal and Punk Guitar with Arse-Kicking Maste

Gizz Butt has earned a unique place among rock’s legendary guitarists for his groundbreaking fusion of hardcore punk and technically accomplished heavy metal guitar ferocity and his latest album with his band, Janus Stark, sees him at the peak of his powers. From his first recognition internationally in the early 80’s with the band English Dogs, recognized by heavy metal behemoths Metallica as an early influence on their sound, through to his stellar work with Crass (Last Supper) and The Prodigy, Gizz’s style has kept him at the forefront of British rock guitar innovators, earning plaudits from luminaries such as Dave Grohl and David Bowie.

Despite his influence on heavy metal, Gizz never strayed too far from his punk roots and Gizz’s number was on speed dial as the go-to guitarist for an impressive roster of classic UK punk bands, including Crass (featuring original lead vocalist Steve Ignorant), The Destructors, plus UK SUBS and The Stupids. Angel in the Flames allows Gizz to really let loose on his guitar, combining melodic punk melodies and the furious punishment of his six-string in some of the most stunning performances of his career. Fresh from a full UK tour alongside rock stalwarts, The Wildhearts, this is Gizz’s most personal work yet.

The mid 1990s saw Gizz achieve an unprecedented level of exposure when he was personally sought out by The Prodigy, who were looking for a suitable guitarist who could handle the hyper intensity of their incredible live shows, leading to him touring with the band throughout the band’s most successful period spanning 1996-2000. It was during this explosive time that no less than David Bowie himself declared himself a fan of Gizz; The Dame personally congratulating the guitarist after watching Prodigy’s live set from the wings during a major European music festival.

Following a brief stint with Goth legends, Fields of the Nephilim, Butt’s other ongoing projects include the German alt-metal band Pyogenesis but it’s his most recent work with melodic punk band Janus Stark which has drawn praise from fellow rock luminaries Foo Fighters and Die Toten Hosen. With a refreshed line-up, a mere twenty years after their first album, Janus Stark’s new release is Angel in Flames, the album Gizz has always wanted to make and the sound of a punk virtuoso guitarist at the height of his powers.








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