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Ryan Willis Small Town

A little history about the song...

Small Town is a song I wrote that means a lot to me. My childhood wasn't great, a lot of moving around from one guardian to the other with a huge shortage of money with us living on just Wel-fare which we were soo thankful for because without that 600 dollars a month roughly, we probably would've been homeless. I lived in a small town called, 'Jacumba', located in California. While I lived there, my Brother, Dad and I faced challenges. The electricity was usually turned off, so no heater on those cold winter seasons, it honestly sucked, that's probably why I like the cold so much. Water was also turned off most of the time leaving us to bathe using buckets of water and wash cloths.

And basically ate canned food we'd get from a food drive. I was always such a positive, happy kid even when the worst came and for some reason I feel like it was probably because I was just used to that way of living, it made me not take things for granted. I found my happiness in the mountains.

I don't know what it was but the feeling of just climbing a mountain and seeing how far you climbed to get where you were just felt amazing. I wrote this song and released it as a single to show that no matter the circumstance, you will always get through whatever it is you may be going through. No matter how long it takes, you will get through and be done with it as long as you stay positive, be happy and see that the brighter side is yet to come. Written, Guitar and Performed by Ryan Willis Produced and Drums by Andrew Mckee Artist biography : is a Singer/Songwriter who makes various genres of music but mostly Pop and Alternative. Ryan Willis is 20 years old and resides in the US. He used to make videos on YouTube as a

sensation in the world of Parkour and Vlogs but then found his real passion in music. Now focused on music, Ryan hopes to soon break into the music industry with catchy melodies and harmonies featured in songs like 'Small Town', and 'Mine'. Social Media Links : Twitter: Facebook: YouTube: Instagram:

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