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We are delighted to bring to you another storming release from Kalita - the first ever reissue of the complete recordings of West coast soul vocalist Carrie Cleveland with an expanded version of her ultra-rare privately pressed 1978 album 'Looking Up', featuring the fully released and promotional versions of the single 'Make Love To Me' and the previously unknown single 'I've Got A Feeling'.

Recorded, arranged and produced by Carrie and her husband Bill Cleveland as a labour of love in their backyard studio in 1978, 'Looking Up' is one of the most sought-after of all soul/disco LPs, in particular for the track 'Love Will Set You Free' and the promotional version of 'Make Love To Me', one of the best and rarest sweet soul records to emerge out of the '70s West coast scene.

The single 'I've Got A Feeling' is virtually unknown to the most seasoned of soul collectors; even Carrie herself is unsure whether it was ever released.

With the album originally pressed as a limited run of just 1000 with 500 copies of each single, original copies of Carrie's records now fetch eye-watering sums on the second-hand market. Kalita now satisfy the thirst with the first ever international reissue of her full discography.

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