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MC Tempo Troubled Youth

Band/artist name : MC Tempo Song Title(or album title) : Troubled Youth Label : BB Records Release Date : 01/01/2020 Genre : Rap

Description : ‘Troubled youth’ is 1 of 5 songs from the MC Tempo EP ‘Generation Distortion’. It takes a look at the world through the eyes of a modern day teenager addressing the silent struggles of addictions, social media, dysfunctional families and other elements within current youth culture.

Influences for the track : Youth culture

Artist biography :

Previously a deaf drug dealing atheist, rap artist MC Tempo became a Christian after being prayed for and completely healed of deafness. He is extremely versatile with his song topics and styles ranging from reflective worship to double time hip hop and EDM. He has written and recorded 5 solo albums and his next EP ‘Generation Distortion’ is scheduled for release on 01-01-20. He has toured 4 continents and additionally boasts an unofficial 24 hour freestyle rap world record.

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