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New Year, New Decade & New Music from 4KORNERS!

After his late 2019 releases "Something I Do" & "No Time", 4KORNERS has begun the New Year right where he left off, with more new music on his label JN SHPPRD. This time, he's crafted a feel good Hip Hop banger to get you charged up and ready to conquer the world. "My Year (2020 Vision)" is an inspirational anthem that's all about the fearless pursuit of your goals while enjoying the journey. Instead of making New Years Resolutions like so many people do every year with no follow though, he raps "No more resolutions" and urges you to use today as your starting point, no matter what day of the year it is. "Don't wait for tomorrow cuz today you got a head start!"

Beyond just the positive message, this track is important to 4KORNERS in a different way than any of his past records. It is the first release that he has completely written, produced and performed solo. "I've been working my a off these past couple years, building my skills and getting better at a lot of things. I love collaborating with other producers and artists but it feels really great to get to the point where I can do it all myself and have the end product come out dope. I even did the artwork myself. This is another accomplishment on my road to success!"


My Year (2020 Vision)

Available on all platforms now!

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