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SHELBURNE, ONTARIO, CANADA, January 6, 2020 -- "Ed Roman charms on empowering 'Stronger' single...4 out of 5 stars!" - Markos Papadatos, Digital Journal "Harmoniously vibrant, capable of opening up a wide and airy sound spectrum, and with an enthralling rhythm that culminates in an exquisitely catchy refrain" - Nova Music Blog Canadian singer-songwriter Ed Roman released his epic album, "Red Omen" in 2016.

The album included tracks that received worldwide airplay on more than 600 stations around the globe, and, in the case of the title track, a Top 20 iTunes Pop chart hit in his homeland. The animated video for that single received its global premiere with, after having an incredible run of success at International Film Festivals. Taking advantage of the video's raised profile, Ed committed to raising funds for Whole Dyslexia via rentals and sales of the video on Amazon Prime Video and Vimeo.

Now, Ed is back with an empowering anthem, to be released on January 17th, 2020.

Ed Roman's first newly recorded single since 2016, "Stronger" (MTS Records) goes on pre-sale this Friday, January 10th. The lyric video was premiered on Canadian Music Magazine's site on Wednesday, January 8th. Written by Roman and produced with Michael Jack, "Stronger" is from Ed's forthcoming collection, "A Recipe for Perpetual Spring."

Ed says, "Stronger is a song about self reliance. It was born out of breaking free from states of mental and emotional oppression. The duality of existence and the metamorphosis of the mortal coil. The reclaiming of personal integrity and standing on your own 2 feet. It doesn't happen instantaneously, but one day at a time. It's not until you've come down the road or completed the journey that you can look back and truly understand it is the struggle that makes you stronger."

Watch "Stronger" on Ed's youtube page at


Ed Roman is an Award-winning singer/songwriter, performer and multi-instrumentalist from Shelburne, Ontario, Canada. Blurring the lines between pop, rock, folk, and country music genres, Ed's uniquely crafted songs have received regular rotation on more than 100 terrestrial radio stations across North America and more than 600 stations, worldwide.

Ed is an Artists Music Guild Award Nominee, an International Music and Entertainment Association Award Winner, a Josie Show Awards winner, an Akademia Awards Winner, and a two-time Indie Music Channel Award winner. Ed won a 2017 Radio Music Award for Best Americana Artist. He is currently nominated for the 2020 IMEA Awards.

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