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LMNZ is back – and was never gone. After being engaged in other artists’ projects, around 800 workshops in political education and over 400 live shows in 20 countries, it is time for the Berlin artist to drop his new solo project.

Of course, in the tradition of his debut ‘Worldwide Rap’, where he gathered 76 artists from across the globe to rap on his beats in 29 languages, it is a mammoth vision: The ‘Elements Series’ consists of the four EPs ‘Air’, ‘Water’, ‘Fire’ and ‘Earth’.

Four EPs, four (HipHop) elements, an artist name with four letters and four seasons in each of which a record will be released.

Every album is dedicated to its element. "Air" was released in November 2019. The lead single "Ideas" feat. Masta Ace & Flo Mega reached over 300.000 streams across platforms.

In the ‘Elements’ series LMNZ retains all the artistic threads in his own hands: in addition to the lyrics and vocals, he is responsible for the sound and video works as well as the arrangement of the songs. For the first time LMNZ raps a complete release cycle in English – only a logical step in the creative work of ‘Mr. International’.

As another premiere in his artistic career, the musical all-rounder wanted to be inspired mainly by beats and riddims of other producers. Therefor the riddims of the second release of the series "Water" were completely produced by Morry 'DaBaron', bass player of the french group Dub Inc and his environment of the label Oneness Records.

The two got to know each other 2014 at a festival gig in France. LMNZ played the final song "Jump" of his set with Blake Worrell (Ex-Puppetmastaz) and Dub Inc. kept the song going on the opposite stage right after LMNZ and blake finished their concert. The crowd went crazy – what a phenomenal transition and feeling. Morry and LMNZ linked backstage and over time the idea for a common project was born. Now the 'Water' EP sees the light of day.

Those that hear the EP's opener and first single 'Welcome' and think of a track welcoming the audience got tricked. The EP starts without a warning shot and LMNZ in duo with Kilifeu of Senegalese infamous crew KeurGui, founders of the movement 'Y'en a marre', describe the situation and feelings of refugees in three verses to comment it all in the fourth verse.

“Oh look back in history, no matter where we're from – we were always trying to improve our situation, trying to find a nice place to raise our children...”

Funfact: LMNZ took the first official press photos of the highly influencial movement 'Y'en a marre' in 2011 without knowing their later relevance

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