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New release: Alexander Pielsticker - Like Stars (single)

Alexander looks up at the stars Hailing from Germany and currently living in The Netherlands, 22 year old Alexander Pielsticker is studying both Composition For Film & Theater and Piano (Jazz & Pop) at the ArtEZ Arnhem University of the Arts. Playing the piano by heart from the age of five and composing music since the age of 16, Alexander is now working as a music producer, composer and pianist.

Specializing in EDM, he already gained a reputation thus far with 500,000 Spotify streams under his belt. Previous single "I Can't Do It Again" got airplay in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Norway a.o. "Melodic and rhythmic approach in the production, along with the catchy vocal presence." - EDM Reviewer (US) "Reminds me of Martin Garrix! Nice melodies!" - Pump (UK) New single Like Stars is a melodic dubstep ballad with a nostalgic mood wrapped in a positive vibe. Alexander Pielsticker about new single Like Stars: "Once, a few years ago, there was a little boy growing up in a small town in the countryside. While getting older, he noticed that his life had changed a lot. He remembers a time, where he used to live together with his brother, his sister and his parents and felt a lot of love at home. Riding his bike in the city every day and planning the nonsense for the day together with his friends was great fun. Back then he felt so infinitely free and happy, almost like the stars in the sky at night that he always observed. Back then, as a child, he was probably happier and more free than he will ever be. Exactly at this point in his life the protagonist thinks back on that time and gives space for one's thoughts in the song." Like Stars is out now!

Writer: Alexander Pielsticker | ISRC: NL-C8O-20-00005

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