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Arpionth - Concrete Creativity (SynthWave-Electro Pop)

SYNTHWAVE - ELECTRO POP. Arpionth is a Swedish producer from Västervik, off the coast of the Baltic Sea, south of Stockholm. Sweden has been responsible for some flowing dance music across the continents of the world. Taking inspiration from M Stage, his multi-talented elder brother, Arpionth took up the keyboard to create his own productions with an eye on the new decade, 2020 onwards, to lay a template of synth melodies to catch the imagination of new music fans. Check out the five tracks included to see if they fit into your shows and sets. "Anticipation" is a powerful opener and Deeper Darkness is our personal favourite. Check Arpionth Reverbnation page (link below) for 42 recordings from this uber talented musician. Bra jobbat Arpionth..

Spotify - iTunes: Google Play Music: Review & Quotes “ARPIONTH is pure power. A mixture of rock, electronic and pop. Amazing production, song composition and instrumentation. This is the wave of the future. Great sound for the backdrop of a major motion picture or a car commercial. This artist should have a slot at a major festival soon.

EDC get this guy on the roster already!? This artist's innovation, talent and marketability has landed him a spot on our WatchList.”

“I feel that you are one of the BEST independent artists out there right now.” - Christopher Ewing, The Radio Cafe

“Every once in awhile we discover a newfangled talent who dares to be different. Arpionth is the next generation of EDM. Sultry and sensual melodic instrumentation at it’s finest. A Swedish phenomenon.”

“Hope” thrives on cinematic creativity and indulges all senses. Your heart will pump while waves crash.” “Destiny” opens up with tons of faithful synergy. Once the beat drops so will your soul. Throbbing. Pulsating.” “Origin” marks newfound territory with systemic beats which power through tradition. Being present isn’t enough. To recognize your past is to know your perfection.”

“Above” pushes the envelope. Like a bird, the rhythmic cadence will make you flutter. Higher and higher your imagination will float amongst the swarms.”

“Fight” treads on fear. Feisty yet temperamental instrumentation will tantalize your inner existence.”

“Continue” is a rotational pull. Everlasting and meaningful. Nothing can stand in the room of an orbit.”

“Return” is sinister. A notational menstrual cycle.”

“Change” is a seasonal reflection of emotions. You can visualize leaves turn from green to amber.”

“Then” will transpire your soul. Strings and snares are on a downward spiral romance.”

“Past” mimics a crispness of affairs. Up beat and responsive to what’s to come.” “Time” ticks like a elegant piece of machinery. Poignant and peaceful.”

“Now” streams the senses. You can actually smell the stark stench of collateral damage.”

“Be” proves to be one of the more sensible tracks with an alien-like heart beat. Allow your mind to ramble around a viscous surface. It’s all about building community!”

“Clouds” is anthemic. Parallel to a derivative. A heavenly tune erupting with angelic memories.”

“Arpionth has a special talent to cure a thirsty mind. His ability to chime into uncharted territory is what makes him a big contender for our “360 Watchlist.” Concrete Creativity III circumvents ongoing sensory seizures. A filmic treasure of tasty creatures.”

The 360 Magazine:

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