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From Worldwide Smash Hits with MN8 to Life-Threatening Mystery Illness, Kule T Fights Back to Leave

I Just Know You Wanna (single out now)

In 1995, Kule T had the world at his feet – as one of the singers in RnB group, MN8, he topped the charts around the world with “I’ve Got a Little Something For You” and the album, “To the Next Level” and worked alongside the likes of P Diddy, Arthur Baker and Steve “Silk” Hurley, not to mention tours supporting Janet Jackson (across Europe and at Wembley Stadium!), and the sharing the stage with Take That, Boyzone and Backstreet Boys. However, from the glitz of Smash Hits Poll Winner’s Parties and a track featured on the Bad Boys soundtrack, the band’s split in 1998 led to Kule taking a step back from the music industry and raising his baby daughter, only for health issues to threaten his life.

In the ten years after leaving music to one side, Kule T’s health took a serious decline and struggles with depression coincided with the breakdown of his marriage. After leaving the family home, he feel ill on Christmas Day 2018 and was rushed to hospital where he stayed for three weeks, undergoing countless medial assessments and lumbar punctures to determine his condition. After losing the ability to walk, doctors suspected a bleed on his brain, just the first in a series of harrowing, life-threatening conditions that Kule T fought against.

On his road to recovery, Kule T challenged himself to write three songs for only his friends to hear, perhaps his last goodbye to the career which had meant so much to him. The response astounded him and spurred him on to create even more, the first two tracks, “I Just Know You Wanna” and Truly It” show an artist whose voice has the timeless emotion and quality of Luther Vandross and neo soul innovators like Maxwell and D’Angelo. Having found music to be his salvation from a world which he felt collapsing around him, Kule T has vowed to not only share his music and experience with the wider world but also to give something back to the most important person in his life – his young daughter who as yet has never seen her dad perform:

“I am so focused on my goals now. It would mean to much for my baby girl to say, ‘that’s my daddy on the TV’ or ‘l love you, daddy’

See Kule T Live at 'Looking Glass Cocktail Club' in Shoreditch on the 20th February








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