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Glass Cristina Reveal Another Glimpse of Nudity in the Shadow of the Mayan Pyramids

Kings of Nowhere is Glass Cristina’s latest single, leading to the much-anticipated release of their album Nudity which has been in the works for the past two years. More than a passion project, Nudity is the result of a profound self-discovery through incessant work and composition for the band, showcasing an unrelenting evolution in both sound and identity. With a typically ambiguous yet stunning video, featuring the masked characters for which they have become synonymous, it’s another opportunity for audiences to watch the on-going metamorphosis of one of the world’s most exciting, imaginative bands.

Glass Cristina is the first band to be signed to Vegan Caníbal, an offshoot of renowned record label Blanco y Negro, Spain’s most successful independent record label, with over 30 years of success promoting the likes of Moby, Carl Cox and Sven Vath. The trio also recently performed at the 2019 Sziget Festival, alongside the likes of The 1975, Jungle, Twenty One Pilots, Foo Fighters, among others.

From Supermagic’s upbeat electro-soul to Icarus’ atmospheric synth bass lines, all the way to their last beachy-sax-led vibe single Tiramisu, we have seen an ever-shifting palate of colours and shades, something which will become even more apparent with the release of their album, Nudity, on 22nd May. Listeners can expect the unexpected - whilst there is vibrant colour, as we’ve heard in the likes of Scaramouche and Supermagic, there is also a darker side to it as showcased in the likes of Icarus.

Kings of Nowhere is the link between both these worlds. The opening pads combined with the ambient water-flow sound bring about a tranquil, melancholic vibe, which is rapidly flicked away by the finger snaps. After just a couple seconds, the beat comes in, letting you know that you are on a rapid ascent to musical nirvana from here-on in.

The single rapidly lets you in on the fact that you are being taken on a journey, yet through (not so on the nose) social commentary, you are also aware that you are stranded in the middle of nowhere. There is no concern about this - like all Glass Cristina’s songs, there is only pleasure. The accompanying video was shot in the shadow of a Mayan pyramid in Poxilá in the Yucatan region of Mexico.







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