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Liz Scott - One Foot In Front Of The Other (Intimacy Records) Trance

"Liz Scott returns with NEW 2020 MIXES of her classic single One foot, with Remixes from two Billboard powerhouse Producers Sam Michaels of KlubJumpers Fame and UK's 'Don Of Dance Mixes' Dan Thomas. First up with Sams take on the track we hear classic trance elements from luscious Arpeggiated melody lines to chugging bass lines and an epic piano motif.

Dan creates a thumping trancer heading down the more progressive trance road with distorted electro bass lines elements and Dans trademark plucks. An all-round complimentary package to Liz’s stunning angelic vocal performance who is busy building up her further 2020 releases plus assisting new local artists to step into the world of songwriting and recording songs, passing on her well founded knowledge alongside Sam and Dan of the Klubjumpers...

Released worldwide on Intimacy Records & distributed by SONY UK & The Orchard 2/18/2020

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