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Shauna Kearns "Medals For Mother's"

Shauna Kearns from Dunloy ,Co. Antrim is releasing "Medals For Mother's" in memory to her own Mother and sister as Shauna's mother Ann's 5th anniversary approaches 25/5/15 and recently lost her sister Christine 18/01/20.

"Medals For Mother's" holds a special place in Shauna's heart as Shauna and her two sisters sang it to they're mother when they were children. Shauna hails from a very musical background, her dad Tony was in Brian Coll's backing band, her brother Alan is presently the drummer in Eamon McCann's band and Shauna herself also has a radio show

on Fuse FM in Ballymoney , Co. Antrim Shauna would like to take this opportunity to thank her husband Tony, daughter Nadine her family, friends and all in the radio world for they're continued support. Musical influences include Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette , Tanya Tucker, Philomena Begley and Robert Mizzell.

Shauna Email :

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