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DJ Max - Move My Body (Carrillo Music) CLASSIC HOUSE

Why Classic House ? Allow me to rewind some. There was a time when the Clubs in Manhattan New York were worth getting on a plane ride for plus the expense of staying in the city for a few days because you'd hear music like DJ Max - Move My Body exploding out of the best sound-systems being played by Knuckles, Humphries, Sanchez, Tenaglia, Morales, Vasquez, Clivilles, Vega etc.

Excuse me for using their surnames but that's how it was "Tenaglia is at The Tunnel tonight", "Vasquez smashed the Sound Factory last night", "Morales is playing a 5 hour set at Red Zone" etc etc.

I recorded a few live Essential Mixes for the BBC from those venues and it was like being in a different world for some incredible hours - a total transportation of the senses away from politics, religion and corporations into another realm of smiling, grooving people, happy to escape all the shite those elements bring to living because from the beginning of time humans have loved to dance to escape and fuse themselves together in unison to rhythm and melody. Hearing "MOVE MY BODY" from DJ Max took my senses instantly back to those incredible time CLASSIC New York times. The artwork fits perfectly too - see if you agree !

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