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New release: Bony Macaroni - The Claw (single)

Bony Macaroni gets its claws out

Bony Macaroni are making self-loathing cool again. At least, they hope so. Because, after previous failed attempts at life in general, these dudes want to give a f*ck again. And that can be heard on new single The Claw! Bony Macaroni about The Claw: "This is a song that I wrote when I was especially angry with the current state of things. a lot of stuff going on in the world pisses me off big time and I think a lot of people my age feel the same way. Yet, sometimes I'll resort to fatalism. I basically do the thing where I cover my ears and yell "LALALA". I f*cking hate when I do that, because I think there's already waaay too many people covering their ears yelling "LALALA" in this world. The only way we can make powerful people do the things we want them to do, is by yelling even louder. We gotta be straight-up annoying as f*ck and NOT shake hands with the beast. F*CK THE CLAW is what I'm saying. Those covering their ears may hate you for it, but that is a good thing."

The first five singles immediately landed on a multitude of Spotify Playlists with several hundreds of thousands of followers like The Scene, New Punk Tracks, Punk Unleashed and Rocking Indie by PopFiltr a.o., got airplay in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Norway, UK, US and Australia, and brought the band critically acclaimed international press. They recently gave their first concert outside of Europe - in Philadelphia!

For fans of: Modern Baseball, Foxing, Free Throw, The Wonder Years

The Claw is out now on BERT music (a division of TCBYML)

writer: Stefan Bonestroo / ISRC: NL-C8O-20-00007

Emerging Indie Bands (UK) - "Bony Macaroni are able to create music which has a distinctive cadence and sound, leaving the listener engaged both with the sadcore underpinning and thrashing around the room in unfettered joie de vivre" Rock The Pigeon (USA) - "sweet, anthemic pop punk with a pounding, raucous approach" Follow Bony Macaroni:

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