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“New Perspective” Csavi

EP, entitled “New Perspective,” released on January 31st, 2020, celebrates self-empowerment and triumph over adversities.

With this six-song collection, singer, songwriter and producer, Csavi, is showcasing to the world her innate and prolific lyrical gift. Csavi’s passion and conviction to overcoming life’s strongholds echo consistently throughout these latest songs and encourage listeners to speak purpose into their lives.

Csavi intentionally penned all of the songs on this EP to be more than mere words. Her songs resonate meaningful messages of perseverance, resolve and tenacity that push us to see ourselves the way God (Jah) has ordained.

Harnessing the synergy that gave birth to the single “War Chant Joy,” which stood at #3 on the Global Reggae charts in 2017, Csavi and the producers of Achinech Productions have teamed up, once again, to put forth another masterful creation. Tracks #1, #4 and #5 of “New Perspective” were produced and mixed by Toby Nambur at Toby Nambur Studio, Bonn. Other tracks #2, #3 and #6 were produced by Dactah Chando and mixed by Umberto Echo at Planet Earth Studios –Berlin, Germany and at Elevator Studios in Munich, Germany. Mastering by Xavier “Lek” Farré. Executive Producer of the EP is Dactah Chando.

“New Perspective”can be purchased on all digital media platforms:

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