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The song is about the magic of love, about that feeling you get when you found the one person in your life you were always searching for, about feeling complete, because there is a gap in yourself being filled with the love you need.

The lyrics of the song One and Only are written by Samora on a riddim sketch Christoph Walther and Res Staudenmann – both members of Swiss Reggae-Dancehall-Band Open Season – produced for their own band. The band found this track didn’t match their album, but both producers liked the instrumental a lot. Back in 2018 Res decided to send the track to Samora in order to make her write on it with the idea of finalizing it with her. Res Staudenmann invited Samora to join Open Season on a short tour called «Open Season present Female Reggae Voices» in Switzerland.

This collaboration was very successful and both the band and Samora decided to record a song together – Me Na Fallin – which was released in September 2018. So the release of One and Only had to be rescheduled. After some final retouches it was ready for release in the end of 2019.

Samora wrote the lyrics of this song in less than 24 hours after having received the instrumental. She liked the riddim a lot and found that it was time to give her musical style an update and work together with other producers.

It was also a moment in which Samora felt the need to write down thoughts and feelings that probably everybody experiences at least once in a lifetime: the wish that there is this one and only person who loves you, cares about you, looks after you and who’s always there for you. It became a beautiful love song with nice metaphors and with a totally unique flavour the way she sings and performs. The song was written in a time when Samora went through a lot of changes and when things were not always easy. But instead of writing about the issues, about negative stuff happening she preferred to uplift herself with positive thoughts and so she wrote down the lyrics of One and Only. With this song she also wants to inspire and motivate her audience with a positive message – like she does in a lot of her songs.

with a positive message – like she does in a lot of her songs.

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