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ANYTHING BUT HUMAN is an American rock band that formed in early 2019 in Dallas, Texas. The origins of the band started in 2017 when singer-songwriter Ryan Avila began working on a solo studio project for fun. The studio project caught the attention of bassist Justin Potter who had previously performed in several other local Dallas bands with singer Ryan Avila.

After listening to several songs from the album – the bassist became extremely excited with the material. Eventually the two musicians decided to put a live band together to book local shows and help promote the new album in a live atmosphere. In early 2018 the solo album ‘Ode to the Outcast’ debuted online, and was distributed to several local Dallas record stores.

For a short period of time, Ryan and Justin would perform with several other local musicians under the name ‘AVILA’. The group began gaining a local following, and began writing/recording early demos of what would become ‘Anything but Human’.

In early 2019, Justin and Ryan came to a mutual agreement that the project had become much more than a solo studio project. The two decided to continue as a band with a new name, and new direction. Drummer Joel Dennie was introduced to the band through a mutual friend after finding out about their desire to find a full time drummer. Joel had become a fan of the musicians after watching them perform live at the Dallas, TX music venue ‘TREES’.

After several rehearsals and meetings the band decided to recruit drummer Joel Dennie. Shortly after Joels arrival the group came to an agreement on the bands name ‘Anything but Human’ or ‘ABH’ for short.

The band recorded a thirteen song demo album while under the name ‘AVILA’ in 2018, but ultimately decided to consolidate the album down to a five song EP as the bands first official debut. ABH is currently recording the EP (working title ‘Push’) with producer Alex Gerst at Empire Sound Studios.

Band Members: Ryan Avila: Vocals/Guitar Joel Dennie: Drums Justin potter: Bass

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