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New release: Julia P. - Walking On By (single)

It's never too late to start playing the banjo! Just warn your neighbours first ! Julia P. Hersheimer first got noticed in 1991 with her Twin Peaks Forever cassette. Thereafter many albums, EP's and projects followed. She shared the stage with Paul Weller, toured with dEUS and Daryll-Ann, was featured on the internationally acclaimed Eurosonic Noorderslag showcase festival, on famous Dutch festivals like Crossing Border and Lowlands, and on Dutch national TV.

In 2017 Julia P. released the ‘Summer EP’ to international acclaim - four sunny tunes about beaches and waves - and in that same year the ultimate Christmas tune ‘Christmas Is Calling’, which rode high in the alternative Christmas charts. Julia P. always wanted to play the banjo. It took her 53 (!) years to finally buy one and take lessons. New single Walking On By is the first banjo recording and it has a definite jingle jangle country/bluegrass vibe, somewhere in between Mumford & Sons and Gillian Welch. It is a song about the longing for long gone times when the sun always seemed to shine and life was peaceful and innocent.

More songs are on the way!

music, lyrics, vocals, banjo - Julia P. fiddle - Joram Peeters lead guitar - Dirk Portegies rhythm guitar - Erwin Wolters bass guitar - Maarten Heijblok drums - Paul van Rijswijk Walking On By is out now! Writer: Marloes Vermeulen | ISRC: NL-C8O-20-00009

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