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Isolation is No Barrier to Zipten’s Enchanted Galaxy Journey

Circumstances around the world may find you cast adrift and isolated but one artist looking to unite music fans with an experience which transports the listener way beyond their surroundings is Milan-based electro producer, Zipten. His forthcoming track, (You Are) Encanto, described by Zipten as “a hymn to beauty” perfectly demonstrates his exploratory electronic soundscapes, melding together dance beats and rhythms with a timeless combination of synth and guitar melodies.

Although based in Milan, Italy, Zipten is committed to making music which has no boundaries of geography or genre.

Heavily influenced by the sonic journeys of Pink Floyd, as well as more recent electronic artists,Zipten’s music demands the listener join him on his dreamlike quests to different parts of the universe. Creating instrumental music to allow the audience to create their own visions and lyrics, (You Are) Encanto follows on from his recent tracks: Galaxy Journey – a brilliantly chilled but funky brass-led trip, and Bon Voyage, a drifting space-age lullaby with a lilting guitar refrain.

Galaxy Journey Bon Voyage

Zipten: “music for me is passion and feeling; I would like people to feel what I feel, that is to let themselves be transported through images, sensations and emotions; my will is that every track fits to be a short film,to communicate a vision, a dreamlike journey”.

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