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Ed Unger - Nights Of Hope (Gratitude) Progressive Tech House

The lights have gone out. Was flying high but plummeted down to an unknown direction. There is no fire, no electricity and zapped of energy on towards the gritty edge of disaster. But silently breaking through, are the warm whispers of hopefulness cutting through the descent, into rising hope.

"Nights Of Hope" is like the soundtrack to a mystical journey, with a beat that transports the listener to a higher plane of existence towards finding that warm feeling of hope and connection with the world around you.

The music is a lush and edgy evocative composition that feels like flying high above into the starry night, breaking through the boundaries of all that’s routine, to dive deeper into the unknown.

The sound of this production is very wide ranging, and it offers an in-depth, almost cinematic tone with massive lows and silky smooth high-end. The low end is deep in your chest, pulsating with every beat, especially if you are listening with a good pair of headphones or a set of awesome speakers.

Ed Unger is a talented producer and recording artist who has a very imaginative creative approach to sound design. His songs are not only engaging and uplifting, but also emotional and personal, creating a much deeper relationship with each listener. Fans of house, progressive and techno will definitely appreciate this release.

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