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Empathy Test to Release “Ode to Anxiety”, Monsters, Ahead of New Album

Monsters is the forthcoming single from synth pop magicians, Empathy Test, the lead track from their forthcoming album which looks to cement them as one of the most inventive, emotionally affecting and addictive musical experiences around. Written collectively by all four band members, Monsters is described by the band themselves as, “an ode to anxiety” and is accompanied by a highly anticipated video, directed by the award-winning Calum Macdiarmid, which has been nominated for this year’s Berlin Music Video Awards


As the first release from the album, Monsters, which, with extraordinary prescience, covers themes such as isolation; fear; the dangers of social media and paranoia, Empathy Test’s forthcoming single sees the band at the height of their powers, with liberal doses of dark electronic atmospherics, Chrisy’s extraordinarily thunderous percussion and a lyric which deals head-on with the modern day curse of anxiety and loneliness which is often exacerbated by social media:

“When the emptiness arrives/And you've nowhere left to hide / When it's stacking up inside

From the corners of your mind”

Empathy Test remain dedicated to the DIY ethic, self-releasing all their tracks and designing all their artwork in-house. With an obsession for the 80s, Science Fiction (their name is a nod to Blade Runner) and limited-edition vinyl, 2020 is the year Empathy Test bring the past and the future to the present.

Empathy Test are:

Isaac Howlett (Vocals)

Adam Relf (Production)

Christina Lopez (Drums)

Oliver Marson (Synthesisers)







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