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Following on the recent collaboration with UK based reggae fire brand Ras Charmer, Amlak RedSquare has again teamed up with Peela Productions from NYC to create a fresh new sound with the single #HeartALove, and it comes as no surprise because they’ve been doing this since the days of “Ganja Free EP”.

The new track features another new face to the legendary Spragga Benz lead RedSquare camp that goes by the curious name KvnG TaT, a deep voice singer who is also building a name for himself and learning his trade at the RedSquare school of music.

Amlak’s music has been growing really nicely in music hot spots all over the world and it will be no surprise that his fans especially the females will love this one. As the title of the song suggest the track deals with affairs of heart and speaks to the way in which the artist love the ladies and his approach when dealing with a specific encounter. This track will definitely be a big one for Amlak RedSquare so be on the look out for the new single schedule for release May 7th 2020.

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