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Kynt - We Can Work This Out - Kynt Recs (Tribal House)

Kynt Music

Take a little Sylvester, add a splash of Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson, sprinkle some house and electronica mixes and you've got an emerging superstar.

Multitalented singer, songwriter, producer, and dancer Kynt creates magic from vocal arrangement to lyrics. "His music sounds like a collaboration between Prince, Madonna and RuPaul....featuring male vocals that could inspire crowds to Vogue!" His massive records “We Can Work This Out”, “Makes Me Hot”, “Listen To The Music”, and “Show Da Dj Some Luv”, have been played in clubs across the globe and have also enjoyed major success on dj charts, compilations, in clubs, and at radio.

Kynt fuses an eclectic mix of silky smooth urban melodies littered with well-produced funky electric grooves and non-stop banging beats. His voice is impeccably luminous and rides easily along any style of music. Known exclusively as the “vocal assassin”, Kynt masterfully showcases his harmonious tenor falsetto vocals on a vast array of self produced dreamy, hypnotic, and catchy original songs.

Kynt’s versatility and superb technique transcend genre placing him in a category all his own. On a larger scale, Kynt exemplifies the flamboyant finesse, mesmerizing persona, and grandiloquent charisma that cultivate all the makings for crossover mainstream success.

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