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DancehallRulerz x Leftside x Bay C Bring It On !

Bring it on! Right after the first DancehallRulerz release in 2020, Flo keeps the flow up with the second single release “Bring It On” alongside Leftside & Bay-C. Early this year, DancehallRulerz

released the first single called “Session” after a long break from producing, featuring Claye & Chi Ching Ching.

The single created waves all over and reached after 4 weeks more than 150.000 streams on Spotify and is listed in every relevant playlist of this genre. “Bring It On” is out now and features two of the most played & versatile dancehall artists in the game.

Leftside x Bay-C x DancehallRulerz in combination creates a massive vibe, include the song to your crates, setlist, playlist and live performance. The song highlights your Dancehall & Club Selection and fits every kind of Urban Club Music.

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