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“Where The Streets Have No Name” is the third single from Italian folk rock singer and songwriter Marco Bonvicini’s new album “Colors”.

The track is a cover of “Where The Streets Have No Name”, originally written by Bono Vox in 1987 celebrating the unifying spirit of rock and roll and especially of rock concerts, places where social and religious differences don’t matter. From the words of the frontman himself in an interview dated 1987, the lyrics were inspired by a story that Bono heard about the streets of Belfast, Northern Ireland, where a person’s religion and income are evident by the street they live on. He contrasted this with the anonymity he felt when visiting Ethiopia and said, “The guy in the song recognizes this contrast and thinks about a world where there aren’t such divisions, a place where the streets have no name. To me, that’s the way a great rock ‘n’ roll concert should be: a place where everyone comes together… Maybe that’s the dream of all art: to break down the barriers and the divisions between people and touch upon the things that matter the most to us all.” Marco Bonvicini tributes this beautiful spirit with his more intimate, acoustic version.

The video of Marco’s “Where The Streets Have No Name” was shot during the recording of the album Colors at the Over Studio Recording in Cento. The footage was filmed and edited by Anthony Armaroli. MARCO BONVICINI Marco 'Bonvi' Bonvicini is a singer songwriter, performer and composer from Bologna, Italy. His artistic career dates back to the end of the XX Century when he was singing and playing guitars in his first bolognese bands, such as Leit Motiv (1999-2002); Novevite (2001-2002) and Mantrika (2005-2015). Bonvi is also the official composer of the theatrical troupe Panta Rei and has been one of the teachers in the singing department of Music Academy 2000, in Bologna.

He's the front leader in many other projects such as Queentet, Freedom, Coda; composes new age music, trip hop, folk and different soundtracks for short films and theater comedies.

During his life he's studied, and often taught to others lyrical and modern singing, blues & soul and Gospel with Rev. Lee Brown. Bonvi is also a multi instrumentalist. He plays guitar, piano and flute.

The most influential artists to Bonvi's artistic training are Glen Hansard, Dave Matthews, Jack Savoretti, Paolo Nutini, Chris Cornell, David Bowie and George Michael.His first solo album "Come dico io" comes out in 2004 and includes songs sung in Italian. 2UE, Bonvi's second full album sees the light 9 years later and features his first compositions in English.

Three years later, Bonvi is in London to record the results of a long process of artistic development: his third studio work as a solo artist The London Session EP, this time entirely in English. The EP is mixed by famous guitarist and producer Giacomo Castellano.The London Session is a bright acoustic jewel with a catchy sound. It's fresh and with a positive feel in which pop, folk and glam moments happily coexist.

The London Session is released digitally on January 29, 2018, accompanied by the first single The Moon and a series of promotional concerts with violinist of Modena City Ramblers, Fry Moneti and then made available also on CD.nOn April, 16th of the same year, Bonvi shoots the video for the single We Live On.

In the video, by the awarded director Stefano Poletti is featured the expressive Suicide Girl Miele Rancido. In 2019 Marco starts giving posting lessons and tricks on his Youtube Channell. On March, 18th of 2020, Marco Bonvicini releases his third solo album Colors, (produced by Marco Bonvicini, mixed by Angelo Paracchini & Nicola Fantozzi, recorded at Over Studio Recording in Cento, Ferrara by Raul Girotti). Colors is an acoustic 7 tracks piece with the artistic collaboration of Lovesick Duo and the sonic evolution of The London

Session, featuring both folk rock and country bluegrass music.

From the album Colors are extracted 3 singles: Colors, Tell Me Your Lies and an acoustic cover of U2’s “Where The Streets Have No Name”. During the first two months of Italian lockdown, Bonvi puts together 20 musicians which will form the Collettivo Bonvi and grace with free and high quality weekly new music all their friends and followers. All the songs from the Collettivo Bonvi are published in the Sunday Bonvi Show, a social format present on the facebook, instagram and youtube’s channel of the artist with live shows, such as the Garden Sounds, monographic discussions about other artists and weekly singing tricks.

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