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Terry Douglas Band

A mix of classic country, honky-tonk, and old school rock & roll.

During his music progression, he met and married his beautiful wife, Bethany, and they had darling children. Life was going great until he found himself drinking too much. After a run in with the law, he decided to stop drinking the next day. He started opening up more, writing about his feelings, personal experiences and beliefs. From those ideas, came the album "Written in the Parking Lot" (2017). It was a collection of songs about love, life and things that were real. Six months after its release, Terry had three songs on the Top 20 of Nashville's Country Charts, two of those landing in the top five.

The latest album, titled “The Devil You Don’t Know”(2019), dug a little deeper into the sober mind of Terry. Songs such as the title track “The Devil You Don’t Know”, “I Think I Need Your Help” written by Ron Speaks, and “Changing”, showed the reflections on all the times he had messed up in the past, realizing that alcohol was the root of all of those problems. He realized he was growing into someone who was miles away from his old life.

Currently, Terry has built his band, The Terry Douglas Band, consisting of Terry Douglas (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Dave Parks (lead guitar, back up vocals), Craig Nelson (rhythm guitar), Billy Compton (drums/percussion, back up vocals), Dwayne Whalen (steel guitar), and Wolf Waggoner (bass). The band is still playing in the bars and honky-tonks, just like the good ole’ country days.. For more information, including booking the band for your event or in your venue, please contact us through our website

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