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ENOKA - Queen Of The Floor

ENOKA has been a background singer on tracks for artist like Arash, Gunter, pop-star singer Margaret from Poland, Bobby Farrell from Bony M, and many other Swedish artists tracks like John Lundvik who won the Swedish Melodifestival 2019 to competition in the Eurovision, to Loulou Lamott who is one of the singers in The MAMAS thats representing Sweden in the Eurovision 2020.

She’s been singing background vocals live at Melodifestivalen in the Globe and also on backtracks in this competition.

Thomas Cederholm is a Gold and platinum awarded songwriter/producer at Hydra Studios in Malmö, Sweden. Releases include Hey! Say! JUMP (JPN), Nissy (JPN) and Kis-My-Ft2 (JPN). Co-wrote “Love Yourself” performed by Günther (SE) in Finland's UMK 2017.”

Enoka have also been working with the Swedish producers like Andreas Stone and Anderz Wrethov. Andreas Stone is one of the CEO’s of Hydra, a studio complex where Thomas Cederholm also has his studio. Both Andreas, Anderz and Tomas has sold over millions of copies and streams all over the world.

Anna Marie Enoka (born 10 December 1980) adopted from Sri Lanka and came to Sweden when she was 2 month. She grew up in Vellinge, a small suburb to Malmö, Sweden, where she still lives today.

Went to music high-school at the age of 17 in Malmö. Her passion has always being singing and performing live as well as in the studio. She has a good learning in how to sing different styles since a young age in the studio.

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