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Delphine presents her new single “Who is Who,” that she produced in Kingston, Jamaica, earlier this year. The song has a catchy melody and asks the question who we are and what perspective we’re talking in this world and also what’s behind the faces, looks and smiles.

The song comes on a new roots riddim composed by Nicolas Cruaux, and is the opening single for Delphine’s forthcoming new album.

Musicians you can hear on this single are percussion player Hector Lewis (Chronixx), backing vocalist Sherida Sharpe (Groundation) and drummer Fitzroy “Dave Prime Time” Grenn. Recorded and mixed at Tuff Gong Studio and World A Muzik alongside Barry O’Hare, Delphine gives us a poignant song, that has be co-written by Tony Nephtali.

Delphine releases the first appetizer for her next album, that’s following her debut “Blue Soul” from 2017. It will be release on BS World and distributed by Tuff Gong International.

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