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Naomi Suzuki - Harder and Faster (Nana Recs) Club House-Tech Club

Naomi was scouted and brought to the UK by Polygram records in the late 90’s and since then has embarked on projects of both critical and commercial success. She reached number 12 in the UK singles charts and is active as a member of musical duo AJ Unity and solo songwriter as well as a prolific performer for charity events. Her single “Our Song”, recorded for the victims of the 2011 Japanese tsunami was produced with Grammy award-winning Andy Wright, who had previously worked with acts such as Bon Jovi and David Bowie.

Naomi also has an impressive acting repertoire and has experience with acting in both British drama and European commercials, one of her more notable roles alongside actor Hugh Grant. She also found herself the subject of a BBC documentary in the late 90’s and has been featured in numerous news and magazine articles.

Naomi also became the first Japanese singer to perform at the Houses of Parliament where she gave a rousing performance on 5th March 2015 at the Memorial Concert for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. The concert, which marked the 4th anniversary of the disaster, was a great success drawing attention from the Japanese press and media.

Presenter & Entertainer

Having chaired the largest Japanese festival in the UK, Japan Matsuri, for 4 years, Naomi is also a reputable events host and has worked with Matsutake Kabuki and NHK broadcasting amongst others. She is also part of the PR team for her hometown of Tagawa, Fukuoka Prefecture alongside cartoon mascot Taga-tan.

As a presenter, Naomi is most well known for her show “Naomi’s London Calling” where she mainly presents life in London as well as broadcasting support for the Japan tsunami victims. She has also presented the London edition of the popular Japanese radio show “Grown Up European City Walks” alongside ex Fuji TV star Chinatsu Otsubo.

Disaster Relief

At the time of the Japanese tsunami disaster in 2011 Naomi was in very ill health but after hearing of the disaster victims’ plight she was able to overcome her condition and resume activities with renewed vigor. Not only did she release a new double A-side charity single, whose proceeds went to the disaster area, but also wrote the song “Home” together with disaster victims so that their feelings could be heard by the World.

As well as performing for charity at the Sendai Street Jazz Festival and Totteoki music festival, both of which attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each, Naomi also organized charity gigs alongside fellow performers and backing musicians from Japan. She is particularly concerned for the welfare of the scores of orphans and disadvantaged children left behind by the disaster and works with numerous NPO’s.

In 2016 Naomi organized and performed at the 5th Japan Earthquake Memorial Concert held at the Islington Assemble Hall London and personally handed over all donations to affected areas in Japan. Following this Naomi toured Japan and donated all profits from ticket sales to the cause. This event was covered in all major newspapers in Japan and was also reported on NHK TV

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