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Philly Hip Hop/Rap Artist Kairos X Releases New Single

PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA, June 24, 2020 -- Since his first release in 2019, "Don’t Sleep On Me", Philadelphia hip hop/rap artist Kairos X has released a total of six Singles/EPs that are available on all major streaming platforms. Already with tens of thousands of streams to his name, some of Kairos X’s most successful tracks include "Water Flow", amassing over thirteen thousand streams and "Never Change", achieving over eleven thousand streams.

The new single, "Mangetsu" from Kairos X is out on the twenty-sixth of June. The single lasts three minutes and thirty four seconds and sits at a smooth 130bpm.

The track commences with a fourteen second instrumental introduction that predominantly features a clean electric guitar riff that is gradually met with subtle vocalizations; creating a sense of anticipation for the initial drop into the verse.

The beat, along with a sub-bass, instigate at the 0:14 mark and provide a foundation for the main vocal line. Clean and emotive vocals match the flow of the single. Fans of Kairos X, as well as those who appreciate new and creative Hip-Hop/Rap, will be interested in "Mangetsu."

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