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“Drama” is the new single by UK-based Jamaican artist THE RARA, who was catapulted to the forefront of the UK dancehall scene in 2018 with his hit single “Elegance” - later remixed alongside KRANIUM & HAILE (WSTRN). “Drama” was recorded and produced in Switzerland by RIGA from HEMP HIGHER PRODUCTIONS, and is the first collab between the two teams.

A heavy bass and a bouncy drum pattern was all that THE RARA needed to deliver yet another hit song for the ladies - which is bound to please fans and Dj’s alike.

THE RARA was born in South London and raised between the UK and Jamaica. He is also known as “The Females Favourite”, for his charismatic and stylish presence.

The Artist’s instantaneously recognizable sound has sent shockwaves in the UK industry. In 2018 he released his breakthrough hit single “Elegance” which spread like wildfire across the UK and the globe, having a major impact in Caribbean communities as far as Canada and the USA.

As and independent artist, THE RARA’s promotion and marketing was to hit the streets first, which worked as it flooded social media, mixtapes and events. This elevated the single to become mainstream and led him to go onto his first UK tour with Kojo Funds in January 2019.

In October 2019, he released his follow up single “Piña Colada” alongside astounding visuals, which was closely followed by a remix of his debut single “Elegance” featuring Dancehall superstar KRANIUM and HAILE(from the Chart topping duo: WSTRN). “Drama” is his first solo single of 2020 and will be dropping on all streaming platforms June 19th.

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