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New release: Alexander Pielsticker - Me Or You (single)

Hailing from Germany and currently living in The Netherlands, 22 year old Alexander Pielsticker is studying both Composition For Film & Theater and Piano (Jazz & Pop) at the ArtEZ Arnhem University of the Arts. Playing the piano by heart from the age of five and composing music since the age of 16, Alexander is now working as a music producer, composer and pianist. Specializing in EDM, he already gained a reputation thus far with over 500,000 Spotify streams under his belt. His previous singles got airplay in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland and Norway a.o.

Trying out different styles with every song, new single Me Or You is jam-packed with uplifiting tropical EDM vibes!

Alexander Pielsticker about his new single: "We all know those nights when we can't sleep properly and have to think about all kinds of things at night. Right?

Being able to shake off or forget all the worries and thoughts would be great. If you are or should ever be in this situation, this song is just right for you. Just escape all worries for a moment and let yourself be carried musically into another world. Into a world full of relaxation and eternal sunshine." Me Or You is out now!

Writer: Alexander Pielsticker | ISRC: NL-C8O-20-00043 "Melodic and rhythmic approach in the production, along with the catchy vocal presence." - EDM Reviewer (US) "Reminds me of Martin Garrix! Nice melodies!" - Pump (UK)

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