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Big Eye Band Life Ain't Easy Big Eyeland Records (Distrokid indie label)

Big Eye Band: Life Ain't Easy is an upbeat energetic original alternative rock song by Big Eye Band, released on 6/19/20. It's written from the perspective of aspiring musicians and their commitment to excellence at the expense of their personal lives and relationships.

As a musician it can be challenging to balance life commitments when putting musical dreams to work. This song is for anyone who's faced similar struggles in their life. It's meant to be encouraging and relatable in that way, however it can be openly interpreted in other ways too! For instance, it can be related to the current situation we face across the world, with social injustice, the pandemic, anything that makes us feel as though life ain't easy. But we'll get through it!

Big Eye Band is an alternative rock group that adds different genres to their overall musical identity.

Living on the Big Island of Hawaii the four members of Big Eye are Evan Morrow, Matt Barbaccia, Mikey Herr, and James Schwartz. With a love for music and it's many different genres, Big Eye Band is carving into the music scene out here on Big Island with something new and exciting.

Evan Morrow on rhythm guitar and lead vocals has a gifted voice and powerful stage presence. Matt Barbaccia on lead guitar adds that special something on top of the music. Mikey Herr on bass builds the heaviness that holds the band in a groovy motion. James Schwartz on drums keeps the energy high and the backbone solid. You can find Big Eye Band on Instagram (@bigeyeband), Facebook (Big Eye Band), Youtube, and soon Spotify, SoundCloud, and other media platforms. "It's an exciting time for our group, we want to share our experiences and journey with people who follow us.

We hope you enjoy our sound, see us out playing, and share our music with your family and friends!" says Barbaccia. The band formed in July of 2019, and has since come a long way on their musical journey writing over 30 original songs. They are currently in the process of recording a set of singles. For business and booking inquiries, please reach out to

Social Media @bigeyeband (Instagram), Big Eye Band (Facebook./YouTube/All music platforms), @big_eye_band (Twitter), (Gmail)

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